Hello and welcome to my web page! My name is Ge Xiong and I am a student at Metropolitan State University. I am currently undergoing my general education as an undecided student. I hope to go study aboard and find a passion towards a major.

I work as a Personal Care Assistance (PCA) for Hmong Home Health Care, in taking care of a client at home, for almost two years now. I had three years of information technology experience through Genesys Works and Right Track’s summer training and internships.

I am continuously volunteering at Bethesda’s Gift shop and Regions’ Pharmacy as of April-May 2017. On my free time, I like to spend time with families and being silly with my nieces & nephews.

Thank you for viewing my web page. To learn more about my accomplishments, please visit my LinkedIn @https://www.linkedin.com/in/gexiong2016/ or explore some here. Here is a downloadable version of my resume; feel free to take a look at it: Ge_Resume. I also have some recommendation letters that are available for your viewing. For any other purposes, feel free to contact me via email @ge.xiong.jobs@gmail.com.